Save Time Posting With REKRUTR
REKRUTR allows you to spend a fraction of the time you currently spend posting to job networks. We post to our job networks, they post to their networks; before you know it, you job posting is everywhere.Post a job now.
Branded Career Portal
REKRUTR produces a unique jobs page for each client user. This page includes the ability to include company profile and logo. Funnel all applicants to this REKRUTR jobs page to view open positions. Create your Career Portal now.
No Hassle Pricing
Our pricing is simple. Everyone gets unlimited jobs; unlimited resume views; unlimited users. Everyone gets a 30 day free trial. Your card will be charged $99 per month thereafter. Cancel any time. No questions; no catch; no hassle. Learn more about pricing.
Applicant Tracking
REKRUTR provides an easy to use cloud-hosted applicant tracking system (ATS). Use this private candidate database to view unlimited resumes right from your dashboard. Quickly qualify applicants and notify those who don’t meet your needs. Try it out by posting a job today.
Easy to Use Dashboard
REKRUTR strives to keep our platform easy to use and to implement an intuitive process to make job posting faster. If you find something that is unclear, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Use your personal social network in the job sharing and referral process and you’ll see your post land in front of even more potential candidates. REKRUTR currently has relationships with Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook and you can post your job directly to your page on any of these sites. Connect once and turn on the feature and see each job on these networks as well. More social posting means more applicant views. Learn more about Social Posting.
Join Our Customer Advisory Board
Have an idea about how our product could integrate with your current ATS or other sourcing tools? Join our customer advisory board or contact us about custom integration. REKRUTR is committed to collaboration with customers and this includes finding ways to make our product more ideal in your unique situation. For more information contact us.
Tech Support
REKRUTR’s development team is continuously striving to improve upon our current technology and produce even more features you will love. If you have any questions about the existing site or technical questions, contact us.
Satisfaction Guarantee
If REKRUTR works for you, please tell everyone! If you find that you are not completely satisfied, please tell us! We want to make it right. Cancel your subscription at any time. Contact us here.