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  • What job boards do you publish to?

    REKRUTR partners with over 40 boards directly and even more pick up our jobs organically. You will see your jobs on sites like Simply Hired, Indeed, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Mashable, and more!

  • Do I need a credit card for the trial?

    No, you do not need a credit card for the trial. You will need one to continue service after the trial.

  • When will my jobs show up on the job boards?

    Some boards will pick up the position in an hour or less, others can take longer. Allow 24 hours to find your job displayed throughout our network.


  • Can you guarantee that I’ll get applicants?

    We cannot guarantee that your jobs will get applicants. Our site is all about distributing your job advertisement for more people to see and share which typically results in more applicants. We can guarantee your job will be viewed. As long as your titles and job descriptions are well-written, you should expect more applicants to add to your candidate pipeline.

  • Can I have applications sent to my email?

    By default all applications will be sent to the email address you used in your post. The file the candidate uploaded will be attached so you can easily save the file and build your candidate database.

Job Management

  • Why shouldn’t I include my contact information in the job description?

    By including direct contact information in your job descriptions, you may negate the tracking features provided by REKRUTR. You will receive more candidates if they can apply with one simple click. After you have captured the candidate and their resume you can direct them to your individual application process.

  • Can I post a single job for multiple locations?

    No, jobs are location-specific. It is critical that you post the job to each location that is relevant allowing any candidate listing that location in a job aggregator to see your position.

  • Can other recruiters in my company edit my jobs?

    No, only you can edit your jobs.

  • What is auto-refresh?

    After a job is posted, it slowly moves down the list of search results as other jobs are added. When we auto-refresh your jobs every two weeks. Your jobs will continue to show up as new so they remain on top of search results until you deactivate the post.